• First controlled gliders Otto Lilienthals from the hills of Derwitz near Potsdam.

  • Here you can see the legendary Spirit of St.Louis.

  • We have the fliers everyone knows, e.g. The Starfighter.

  • The Focke-Wulf 190, a German hunting aircraft from the Second World War.

  • The original Messerschmitt Bf 109 in our museum.

  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~We have a original MIG-15 in our museum.

plakat2Luftfahrtmuseum Laatzen-Hannover e.V.



Discover the world of aviation at the Museum of Aeronautical History in Laatzen-Hannover.

Fully functioning model airplanes and aircraft-engines are just a small part of what the exhibition has to offer.The 3,500 m² show room contains more than 4,500 exhibits, giving visitors a detailed insight into the history of aviation. 









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