Written by K.-D. Hoppe at 28. Februar 2017 - 17:04

Klemm-Daimler KDL 20 B

This aircraft is not very well known. In 1928 it was used for promoting the writing utensils of the Pelikan Günter Wagner company, at that time a very popular firm here in Hannover. It had a dark blue fuselage and ivory-colored wings and ailerons, elevator and rudder were red. It belonged to different owners, but was finally owned by the Akaflieg Hannover, the University of Hannover aviators club.

Klemm L 20 B I V

The KDL 20 B1 type was constructed and got into series-production by the Klemm company in the city of Böblingen. The stunt-pilot Ernst Udet was very fond of this plane and even became more famous by landing this plane on the Zugspitz mountain, the highest mountain in Germany. Baron von König-Wusterhausen, another famous aviator of this era, took this plane on a tour across the globe. Apart from these feats this plane was used as a general aviation aircraft in Europe.

This KDL 20 B1 was very often deployed for promotion missions in Germany and abroad. An unusual feature of this plane is the fact that the pilot sits in the front seat while the passenger sits in the back seat in the center of gravity.

In 1930 Senator Beindorf, a well-off entrepreneur of Hannover, gave this plane as a present to the University of Hannover aviators club, an association with very limited financial means.

Klemm L 20 B I s

Technical Data:

Length 7.27 m, wing span 13.00 m, height 2.05 m, wing area 20.00 sqm, crew 2,

engine: Daimler F 7502 air-cooled horizontally opposed, 14.7 kW/20 hp (design: Ferdinand Porsche) max. speed 105 km/h, gross weight 450 kg, payload 185 kg