Boeing 707-400 Lufthansa

(Heller-Modell in 1:72 mit RR-Conway Triebwerken modifiziert)

(Heller model in 1:72 modified with RR-Conway engines)

In preliminary:

This time we have to go back a little bit, because the history of this model is very exciting: For years we were pondering  in the museum, how we could get a Rollce-Royce Conway engine for our engine department. We knew that a Boeing 707-400 with these engines was sitting in Berlin Tegel, rotting away. There were rumors that the DTMB had no use for it and that it would eventually be scrapped - that was the state of affairs in 1919.

An identical machine was located in HH-Fuhlsbüttel, and we heard that it was also to be removed. Attempts were made to negotiate with the airports. It was like with authorities - no one knew exactly, no one felt responsible. Then at the beginning of 2020, Tegel got going and we were supposed to contact the scrapping company. Same game as before, likewise in Fuhlsbüttel. So at the beginning of 2021, we still didn't know any prices and what work might be coming our way. But then chance came to the rescue:

In April '21, we heard through unofficial channels that Lufthansa-Technik wanted to scrap its wonderful museum engines and other technical material that was not suitable for instant profit maximization (new economics graduated businessmen fresh out of university are said to have taken over the reins there). The next morning, one of our people well acquainted with this company was in Fuhlsbüttel and negotiated successfully. We got 2 turbines, a PTL and an APU in addition to many boxes of valuable technology. And we found friendly logistic companies that brought the "hardware" quickly to the museum at affordable costs. Wow, what luck! Thanks again to all involved !!!

707 001 707 001 

On the left the already cleaned LH-Technik-Conway, on the right our Conway, finished for our exhibition at its final location in hangar 2.

And this unexpected stroke of luck led to this consideration:

How about showing a model of a Lufthansa - Boeing 707-400 with RR-Conway engines in a showcase at or near this engine for a better understanding for our audience?

A short telephone call with Mr. Schorsch from Essen, Modellbaustudio Rhein-Ruhr, how we could accomplish this. And again it was a happy coincidence - he still had the old Heller kit in 1/72 scale and in addition a set of matching Conway-TLs  and the matching decals for everything. In addition, a large perspex canopy was still waiting for a new use in the depot, as well as a table, which only needed to be fitted with suitable legs. And then someone had the idea to place the beginning of a runway with surrounding meadows on this table. And as a "top treat" it was possible to find an (almost) matching VW-bus (M 1:87) with Lufthansa-painting from the 60s.

The model, its construction and the showcase

It is the 1/72nd scale model already built by Heller (France) with the P&W JT3C turbines, which have to be added for the planned 707-400 instead of those with 4 RR-Conway.

707 001

707 001

707 005

In addition there is a set of 4 (+ 1 in reserve) Conways from Hahen (see above) and a set of decals of the DLH-707(see right).

The assembly is regular, because there are quite accurate parts. Sanding is within the norm. The primer (gray) and the upper part of the fuselage (white) were sprayed before assembly, so as not to complicate the installation of the windows. After the wings were assembled, everything was put together and the lead weight for the center of gravity position in front of the landing gear was determined


707 006 707 007

Links die provisorisch zusammengefügte Rumpf-Tragflächen - Kombination im Vergleich zu einer DC-3 im selben Maßstab. Oben fast rohbaufertig ohne TL und ohne Leitwerk

Then everything was glued together and the joints filled and sanded.

Left, the provisionally assembled fuselage-wing combination, compared to a DC-3 in the same scale. Above almost ready to build without TL and without tailplane.

Then followed tailplane and the Resin-built Conway models. The latter needed special care because of thin walls in the exhaust area. The decals here are - as later also those of the 707 - of best quality, but cause some grief with large spherical curves in the nose area. The mounting with superglue-gel was problem-free, there was still some spackling and sanding to do. Then it was finally done: This is how the machine looked in the workshop in the Elbe-Weser triangle:

In the meantime, the crew in Laatzen had been busy and had prepared the showcase. Everything fit together and the 707 found its place under the rear of the Conway TL.

Diese Version der revolutionären Boeing 707 wurde von 4 x RR Conway angetrieben, die erheblich leistungsfähiger als die US-Turbinen JT3C von Pratt&Whitney der Original - 707 waren.

This version of the revolutionary Boeing 707 was powered by 4 x RR Conway, which were considerably more powerful than the US JT3C turbines from Pratt&Whitney of the original 707.

Technische Daten

Spannweite          43,40 m            Länge                  46,60 m

Flügelfläche       226,30 m²          Höhe                    12,70 m

Reichweite          8700 km            v/max                 885 km/h

Besatzung          3 oder 4             Passagiere           bis 160

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